Thanks for being such good sons

Dear sons,


I miss seeing you–well, seeing

Russell, Carter, Sahara, Sundance

and the girls.  Pam and I enjoyed

having Andy and kids at the cabin

last Sunday.  Poor Sundance was

left home. We played outdoor

games for three hours, making

good use of the yard/lawn that I

have tended this past summer.


This year I’ve finished three book projects

and start another next week.


I’m also working on a training

guide based on my 20 year old

book, Beyond Counterfeit Leadership.


Next month marks 30 years that

we have lived in this home. I can’t

seem to get Pam to move out of it,

into a summer and winter residence.


We all hope mom’s home sells soon,

so we can distribute the remainder

of her estate to you and other grandchildren.


Be well,

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