Most so-called “leaders” are people who

occupy positions and possess few qualities

and exhibit few behaviors of authentic leaders.


So, what might you, as a leader, do improve?


Make tough decisions and move ahead. Show you

care about people, performance and profits.


Put a great management team in place and hold them

accountable for gaining and sustaining key relationships and results.


Create a performance culture and share profit to all

contributing “members” in some meaningful way.


Hire people who have right attitude and ability.

Fire people who don’t fit and don’t add value.


Maintain trust with constituents by communicating

openly, clearly, honestly, and often.


Commend and affirm people who are doing

their jobs well; discuss options and discipline

those who aren’t meeting standards.


Far too many so-called “leaders” work in social,

political, religious and academic organizations

(cults, companies, agencies, universities and

governments) that are not performance-oriented.

Even many business “leaders” forget to keep

their eyes on the prize of making and marketing

quality products or services, serving their customers

extremely well, and scaling the business profitably.

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