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Ken Shelton to receive award at World Conference.


The World Leadership Congress, based in Mumbai, India, has recognized Ken Shelton, editor and publisher of Leadership Excellence magazine for 30 years, 1984 to 2014, with its annual Business Leadership Excellence Award. 

“The award is presented to an individual who has crafted leadership with his work and thinking,” says Dr.  RL Bhatia, Founder of the Congress.  “This iconic leadership award, consisting of a trophy and a citation, indicates excellence in the application of leadership principles to business situations,” Bhatia continues. “This is the highest recognition that World Leadership can confer in the presence of business leaders, experts on leadership, futurist, iconic leaders, C-level professionals and those who demonstrate that they can show the path to the future.”

Dr. Bhatia cites the criteria for the award: “Those who make a difference to the lives of many others—for the quality of their work, global reach and outlook and ability to contribute value of positive social change.”

He cites six major contributions of Shelton to the leadership development field:

  1. Shelton’s work on two ground-breaking books with Stephen R. Covey: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Principle-Centered Leadership, 1983 to 1993.
  2. His editing of Leadership Excellence magazine, editing and publishing some 6,000 articles on every aspect of leadership, 1984 to 2014.
  3. His work with Personal Excellence magazine, editing and publishing over 3,600 articles on 7 universal dimensions of personal and professional development.
  4. His publishing of 84 books and work on over 100 other books on leadership, including bestsellers Managing People Is Like Herding Cats by Warren Bennis and Leadership from the Inside Out by Kevin Cashman.
  5. His books Beyond Counterfeit Leadership: How You Can Become a More Authentic Leader and Real Success—two books that started an international dialogue on what constitutes authentic leadership and lasting success in personal life.
  6. His annual listing of The Leadership 500 (the best organizations at developing leaders) and his rankings of the top 100 thought leaders in the field.

The award for Leadership Excellence is intensely researched, continues Dr. Bhatia. “Our experienced research committee produces a shortlist of individuals who are doing extraordinary work and tracks the record of their achievements. Then the shortlist is reviewed by a jury comprising of senior professionals from across the globe.”

Shelton has been invited to receive the award and speak at the World Leadership Congress on October 6 and 7 at Taj Palace, Dubai, Arab Emirates.  The theme for this year’s congress is If Not Now, When? The objective is to identify and celebrate the exceptional leadership and the distinct innovations, initiatives and achievements of senior leaders in various private and public sectors.

“The World Leadership Congress brings together top executives with prominent leadership experts from around the world and inspires attendees to lead more effectively,” notes Dr. Bhatia. “The Congress is a remarkably fresh and thoughtfully comprehensive meeting covering the breadth and depth of the most innovative employer experiences in creating, cultivating, growing and maintaining a culture of management and leadership inside and outside of the workplace.”

To remain competitive in today’s global economy, concludes Dr. Bhatia, “leaders of organizations must constantly strive for change and promote cultures of inclusion, innovation and creativity. The Congress seeks to nurture leaders and encourage employee engagement to ensure organizational goals and objectives are exceeded.”




For more information, contact Dr. R L Bhatia, Founder, World CSR Day and World CSR Congress and visit

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